Shandong Agricultural University is a renowned university with a history of more than 100 years. Its predecessor is Shandong Higher Agricultural School, which was founded in Jinan in 1906. It was renamed as Shandong Public Agricultural School in 1913. In 1926, it was combined with 5 schools in other fields to form the Shandong Provincial University and thus became the Agricultural College of the university. In 1928, the University was renamed as Shandong National University and moved to Qingdao. Because of the Anti-Japanese War in 1937, the university moved to Wanxian in Sichuan and didn’t come back until 1946. There were three departments and a farm in Agricultural College at that time, namely, the department of agriculture, horticulture and fishery. Almost in the same period in 1947, Shandong Provincial Agricultural College was founded on the original campus where the Higher Agricultural School used to be, including four departments ,namely, the department of agriculture, horticulture, forest, and agricultural economy. Later it was renamed as Shandong Agricultural College. In October 1952, according to the arrangement of the Ministry of Education, New Shandong Agricultural College was founded in Jinan on the basis of the combination of Shandong Provincial Agricultural College, Agricultural College of Shandong University, Agricultural School of Qilu University, Department of Horticulture of University of Nanking, and the fruit tree team of Department of Horticulture, Nanjing University. Many famous professors such as Chen Ruitai, Li Jiawen, Ding Jubo and Wangqing, gathered here in the new Shandong Agricultural College and contributed a lot to the development of the college and the disciplines, with their unremitting efforts in more than 10 years. The college moved to Tai’an in 1958 and was combined with Shandong Forestry College, Shandong Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Taian Agricultural School and Taian Water Conservancy School to form Shandong Agricultural University. It was renamed as Shandong Agricultural College in 1959. Again it was approved in 1983 by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Shandong Province to change its name into Shandong Agricultural University.
   In July 1999, the former Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Water Conservancy College and Shandong Forestry School were combined to form the current Shandong Agricultural University.