LAZY4 acts additively with the starch–statolith-dependent gravity-sensing pathway to regulate shoot gravitropism and tiller angle in rice
Date:2024-06-27 Page Views: 10

Wenguang Wang , Linzhou Huang , Yuqi Song , Songtao Gui , Jiajia Cao , Han Zhang , Mengchen Du , Jiaze Chen , Zihao Wang , Jie Zhou , Xiangbing Meng , Dali Zeng , Jiayang Li , Yonghong Wang


Rice tiller angle is a key agronomic trait that has significant effects on the establishment of a high-yield rice population. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the control of rice tiller angle remains to be clarified. Here, we characterized the novel tiller-angle gene LAZY4 (LA4) in rice through map-based cloning. LA4 encodes a C3H2C3-type RING zinc-finger E3 ligase localized in the nucleus, and an in vitro ubiquitination assay revealed that the conserved RING finger domain is essential for its E3 ligase activity. We found that expression of LA4 can be induced by gravistimulation and that loss of LA4 function leads to defective shoot gravitropism caused by impaired asymmetric auxin redistribution upon gravistimulation. Genetic analysis demonstrated that LA4 acts in a distinct pathway from the starch biosynthesis regulators LA2 and LA3, which function in the starchstatolith-dependent pathway. Further genetic analysis showed that LA4 regulates shoot gravitropism and tiller angle by acting upstream of LA1 to mediate lateral auxin transport upon gravistimulation. Our studies reveal that LA4 regulates shoot gravitropism and tiller angle upstream of LA1 through a novel pathway independent of the LA2LA3-mediated gravity-sensing mechanism, providing new insights into the rice tiller-angle regulatory network.