Selective Modifier-Assisted Humic Acid Extraction: Implications for Soil Quality Enhancement
Date:2024-06-06 Page Views: 10

Zixin Zhang, Qi Chen, Kunyu Xu, Kexin Zhang, Min Zhang, Yingjie Qi, Wenrui Zhang, Yang Liu, Zhanbo Wei*, and Zhiguang Liu*


Efficient use of humic acid (HA) for eco-friendly farming and environmental remediation requires further understanding of how targeted modification of HA affects the chemical structure of HA and thereby its effectiveness in enhancing soil quality. We developed novel selective modifiers (SMs) for extracting HA by codoping sodium and copper elements into the birnessite lattice. The structure of SMs was thoroughly examined, and the HAs extracted using SMs, referred to as SMHs, were subjected to a detailed evaluation of their functional groups, molecular weight, carbon composition, flocculation limits, and effectiveness in saline soil remediation. The results showed that replacing manganese with sodium and copper in SMs alters the valence state and reactive oxygen species. In contrast, SMHs exhibited increased acidic functional groups, a lower molecular weight, and transformed aliphatic carbon. Furthermore, the saline soil was improved through increased salt leaching and an optimized soil aggregate structure by SMHs. This research highlights the importance of targeted modification of HA and demonstrates the potential of these modifiers in improving soil quality for eco-friendly farming and environmental remediation.

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