Recruitment of Outstanding Talents in the Field of Wheat Research at Home and Abroad by the Institute for Dezhou (Qihe)Wheat Industry Research of Shandong Agricultural University
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Shandong Agricultural University (SDAU), located at the foot of the magnificent Mount Tai,is a multi-disciplinary university with agricultural science as its strength and life science as a distinctive feature, covering many areas of both natural sciences and social sciences.SDAU currently has 1 national key laboratory, 3 national engineering research centers, 2 national engineering technology research centers, and 1 national technology innovation center. SDAU ranks top 200 in QS World University Rankings in the subject of agriculture and forestry. 6 disciplinary categories of SDAU rank top 1% in ESI, among which Plant and Animal Science ranks top 1‰. The University has 12 postdoctoral research stations including crop science, plant protection, and biology.

SDAU has strong research strength in the field of wheat research, and has achieved great accomplishments.It won the first prize of State Technological Invention Award. Researchers from SDAU have cloned genes with important breeding value including wheat head blight resistance gene Fhb7, published a series of scientific papers on internationally renowned journals such as Science, Nature Communications, etc. Several breakthrough new wheat cultivars such as Shannong 20 were bred here, with which winter wheat yield records in China have been broken many times. A number of advanced high-efficiency cultivation technologies were also developed at SDAU. All of these make SDAU lead the development of wheat cultivation in China.

Located in the northwest of Shandong Province, Dezhou is an important wheat-producing region in China. The average yield per unit area in Dezhou ranks among the top in China. Dezhou has a vast field of wheat high-yield and multi-resistant variety screening demonstration area and a breeding base for improved varieties, which unifies seed supply, deep plowing, sowing, fertilization, pest and weed control, and management modes. Information technologies such as big data and the Internet of Things have been employed to achieve precise operation during wheat production. Besides, the grain production has been fully mechanized at Dezhou.

Qihe is located in the southern tip of Dezhou, adjacent to the provincial capital Jinan. It is a super grain-producing county in China, which has the largest green and high-quality grain demonstration area of 800,000 mu in China. It has explored the "Qihe Model" of green food, high efficiency, product safety and resource saving.

The Institute for Dezhou (Qihe)Wheat Industry Research of Shandong Agricultural University was jointly established by Shandong Agricultural University and Dezhou Municipal People's Government. Relying on the National Key Laboratory of Wheat Improvement, this institute brings together top scientists and superior teams at home and abroad in the field of wheat industry. Focusing on the key scientific questions and industrial technical problems in the field of wheat, the institute aims to achieve a number of original findings, develop breakthrough new wheat varieties, and green and efficient production and processing technology, thus facilitating the development of wheat industry.

We warmly welcome outstanding talents at home and abroad to join us to seek development and create brilliance together!

1. Research areas

(1) Major gene discovery and germplasm innovation in wheat

(2) Innovation of wheat breeding technology

(3) Breeding of major wheat varieties

(4) Green, high-quality, high-yield and efficient wheat production

(5) Key technology in the production of high-quality wheat seeds

(6) Wheat intensive processing and functional food research and development

(7) Research on development strategy of wheat industry

2. Positions and Benefits

Level 1: Distinguished Scientists


Candidates should have made numerous and sustained contributions in the field of wheat research. They should have world-class research level and internationally recognized major achievements. Candidates are expected to guide their research team toward cutting-edge research with an international impact.

Benefit package

Competitive benefit plans will be made individually according to each candidate’s status; annual salary: 1-2 million CNY; start-up fund: 10-20 million CNY; settling-in allowance: 2-3 million CNY.

Level 2: Talents


Candidates are expected to be excellent young and middle-aged talents at home and abroad who are engaged in frontier research in wheat related fields, and have a good working foundation and high academic attainments and internationally-recognized contributions and the great development potential.

The age limit for this position is 40, but negotiable for extraordinary candidates.

Benefit package

Annual salary: 0.5-0.8 million CNY with dynamic increase according to your professional development; start-up fund: 1-2 million CNY; settling-in allowance: 1-1.5 million CNY.

Successful candidates will be appointed as Professor, PhD supervisor and receive priority support on working space, infrastructure and facility, and enrollment of postgraduates.

The Institute will provide fully furnished apartment, access to national health care program, assistance in family members’ employment and children’s enrollment in kindergarten and primary/high school to the successful candidates.

Level 3: Full Time Postdoctoral Fellows


Candidates should possess a Ph.D. degree on wheat related research, with good health and excellent academic performance, without violation record on academic misconduct or dishonesty.

Candidates should possess solid professional knowledge and strong research skills, and the potential to make great contributions in related fields.


(1) Taishan young researchers: For doctors with outstanding achievements and great potential. Annual salary 400,000-500,000 CNY.

(2) Funded postdoctoral fellows: For doctors with outstanding research ability and high potential. Annual salary 300,000-400,000 CNY.

(3) General postdoctoral fellows: Appointment will be made with group leaders responsible for key research projects. Annual salary  250,000 CNY.

Benefit package

(1) Successful applicants for “Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program”, “Shandong Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program”, and other postdoctoral support programs, will receive additive compensation of up to 2.3 million.

(2) Successful candidates will join the expert team of the Institute for Wheat Industry Research, and conduct pioneering research. Adequate research funding and perfect research conditions will be offered.

(3) During the employment period, successful candidates will enjoy the benefits of staff, Social Security, Healthcare Security and Housing Provident Fund.

(4) The Institute will provide fully furnished young talent apartment, and children’s enrollment in kindergarten and primary/high school to candidates who work at Dezhou.

(5) Successful candidates are eligible to participate in the evaluation of professional titles according to the policy of SDAU to obtain the corresponding certifications.

(6) For those who are exceptionally outstanding in the outbound examination, priority will be given when they apply for faculty positions according to the hiring policy of SDAU.

Subsidies from various government-sponsored talent programs of Dezhou government will also be made available for eligible candidates.

3. Application Procedure

(1) All candidates are required to send the materials specified as below to titled with “application for –position + your name”, including a detailed resume and supporting materials provided in one PDF file including degree certificates, representative scientific research achievements, etc.

(2) Formal review of the application materials from the candidates.

(3) In accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality and merit-based admission, experts are organized to conduct interviews and determine the recruits.

(4) Filing procedures.

4. Application Deadline

This announcement will come into effect on the date of announcement.

We accept applications all year round.

5. Contact

The Institute for Dezhou (Qihe)Wheat Industry Research of Shandong Agricultural University

Contact person: Mr. Shen, Mr. Gao

Phone: 86-538-8249858, 86-538-8242479


Address: Daizong Road No.61, Tai’an, Shandong, China