The rector and colleagues of Tokaj University pay a visit to the university
Date:2023-04-10 Page Views: 38

On March 28, Ágnes Horvát, President of Tokaj University in Hungary, and her delegation paid a visit to the university to discuss future collaboration. Li Xiangdong, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the university, met with the guests and shared opinions. 

During the discussion, Li Xiangdong detailed the university's history and internationalization. He stated that the university places a high value on collaboration and exchange with universities in Central and Eastern Europe, and that Tokaj University, which is famous in Hungary for its grape growing and wine production, has a broad prospect of collaboration with our university's College of Food Science and Engineering. We hope that the two universities will use this exchange to fully exploit their respective advantages in school operations, and to work closely together in the fields of talent development, scientific and technological innovation, and the transformation of achievements for mutual benefit.

President Ágnes Horvát presented Tokaj University's current situation and international student training. She stated that Tokaji University was excited to collaborate with SDAU and hoped that both parties would engage in extensive collaboration in the field of food disciplines to relationship starts development.

During the seminar, the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering staff in charge introduced the grape and wine program's curriculum, teaching practice, and personnel training, and the two sides discussed and reached a preliminary agreement on the joint training of students and visiting teachers. Ágnes Horvát and her delegation also visited the National Key Laboratory, Wine Sensory Evaluation, and cultural exhibition room during their visit.

The discussion was attended by members of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the College of Food Science and Engineering, and expert representatives.