Practice base for international cooperation and exchange set up off-campus
Date:2023-04-07 Page Views: 30

The unveiling ceremony of SDAU's practice base for international cooperation and exchange was held recently at Taian Jinlan Dairy Farming Company. Vice President Li Xiangdong and Director of Taian Science and Technology Bureau Liu Guimin unveiled the base together.

Li Xiangdong introduced the university's recent achievements in talent cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, social service, and international exchange, and fully affirmed the university's cooperation with Taian Jinlan Dairy Farming Company Limited. He said that the construction of the base was an active exploration and effective initiative to improve the quality of international education and deepen the cooperation between the university and enterprises. He emphasized that the base was not only a broad platform to carry out international industry, education, research and application cooperation through SDAU-enterprise cooperation, but also an effective carrier to tell the Chinese story and convey the Chinese voice to foreign teachers and students. He hoped that both sides would seize this opportunity to improve communication, build mutual trust, and achieve more fruitful cooperation outcomes.

Liu Guimin thanked the university for its important role in Taian's development, particularly in the construction of new rural, and stated that the Taian Science and Technology Bureau will strengthen exchange and cooperation with SDAU in scientific and technological innovation, achievements transformation, social services, and other areas to better serve SDAU-enterprise cooperation. Fa Wenjing, manager of Taian Jinlan Dairy Farming Company, briefly introduced the company, expressed gratefulness to SDAU for its scientific and technological support, as well as talent support, and stated that the company would take priority the construction of the base and strive to elevate SDAU-enterprise cooperation to a new level.

After the ceremony, the participants visited the standardized dairy farm and ecological farm.

Participants included representatives from Taian Science and Technology Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau of Daiyue District, Taian Jinlan Dairy Farming Company, International Office and College of Animal Science and Technology of SDAU, as well as foreign teachers and students.