SDAU and UNIDO Dialogue on comprehensive cooperation
Date:2022-05-12 Page Views: 10

A few days ago, SDAU and UNIDO held a virtual meeting for proposed joint declaration. Weixi Gong, director of the investment department of UNIDO, and Gang Li, President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, attended the meeting. Jianbo Xu , Chancellor of SDAU, delivered a speech, in which he introduced the development of SDAU in recent years, explained the concept and direction of SDAU internationalization, and expressed good expectations for bilateral cooperation. Prof. Xiangdong Li, the Vice President of SDAU presided over the meeting.

Jianbo Xu expressed deep respect for the outstanding contributions made by UNIDO in promoting global poverty reduction, helping developing countries improve their economic competitiveness and improving the environment. He said that in recent years, SDAU has identified international education as an important strategy for building a high-level university, actively integrated into the "the Belt and Road" construction, and is building an important position for science, technology and talent exchange between Shandong Province and Central and Eastern European Countries. He emphasized that SDAU would like to take this virtual meeting as an opportunity to carry out substantive cooperation with UNIDO in the fields of scientific research achievements transformation, global competent personnel training and international scientific research cooperation, and give full play to the scientific and technological innovation advantages and talent advantages of SDAU in modern and efficient agriculture and agriculture related disciplines, so as to ensure the world food security, promote rural and agricultural development and ecological sustainable development, and make greater contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Jianbo Xu also reviewed the pleasant experience of leading a team to visit Central and Eastern European Countries in May 2019 and reaching cooperation intentions with many universities and local institutions under the promotion of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia. He said that SDAU and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia have carried out all-round and multi-field cooperation since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, which has provided strong support for SDAU to better understand the development direction of the world education and promote the high-quality development of various undertakings.

Weixi Gong congratulated SDAU on its outstanding achievements in recent years. He said that SDAU has trained a large number of outstanding talents, made a number of influential scientific and technological achievements, and cooperated with more than 70 universities, which showed its broad international vision. In the future, the UNIDO hopes to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with SDAU in the fields of the promotion of teaching and research achievements, the whole industrial chain in the field of agriculture and rural areas, and the emerging technology as plant energy. Weixi Gong also invited SDAU to actively participate in the projects and activities of the UNIDO around the world, and looked forward to the early conclusion and release of the joint declaration.

Gang Li was invited to deliver a speech. He said that as a strategic partner of SDAU, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia will do its best to promote the cooperation between SDAU and the UNIDO. He is expecting a fruitful cooperation between the two sides, which will contribute China's strength and SDAU's wisdom to the world development.

Prof. Xiangdong Li hoped that the relevant offices of SDAU would fully understand the significance of cooperation between SDAU and UNIDO, and strive to create a new situation of internationalization.

UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organizationis a multilateral technical assistance agency of the United Nations General Assembly. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, it aims to promote the economic development and industrialization process of developing countries and countries with economies in transition through technical assistance and industrial cooperation, help to promote and accelerate industrialization in developing countries and coordinate the activities of the United Nations system in industrial development. At present, the organization has offices in 36 countries and regions. Since 1979, it has carried out more than 500 projects in China.

According to the consultation between the two sides, SDAU and the investment department of UNIDO will focus on cooperation in the fields of industrial development planning of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, technology transfer of countries along the belt and road, exchange visits of scientific researchers, personnel and academic exchanges, etc.