18 provincial teaching achievement awards
Date:2022-05-07 Page Views: 14

A few days ago, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education announced the ninth Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award List. SDAU won 18 awards as the first completion unit, including 2 special prizes, 6 first prizes, and 10 second prizes. The number of special prizes ranks first among provincial universities.

The research and practice of coordination system of “combination of teaching and industry”in cultivating innovation talents of application type in the field of animal production is hosted by Prof. Hai LIN. This teaching achievement is targeted at cultivating talents meeting the requirements of animal husbandry industry and put forth a new concept of educating people. The concept is named as “reversal of supply and demand, mutual integration and promotion”. By constructing the coordination system of “combination of teaching and industry”, this achievement integrates the enterprise education resources into the entire process of talent training, realizes the "two -wing resonance" of campus education resources and outer education resources. It has solved the problem that the training of professional talents cannot fully match with the industrial needs, and the quality of talent training has significantly improved.

Prof.Hai LIN middleand his team members

Research and practice of the practical teaching model “two directions, four levels and four integrations”in the talent cultivation of agricultural majors is hosted by Prof. Xiangdong LI. Aimed at the problems in the talent cultivation of practice teaching, this achievement establishes the concept of “centering on students, demand-orientation, integration of practice and study”, centers on the two directions of “academic innovation ” and "entrepreneurial employment", builds four levels of practical curriculum content systems in accordance with the OBE concept. By integrating curriculum innovation, science and education, major innovation, and production and education, this achievement has realized academic innovation and cultivation of entrepreneurial and employment-oriented talents. The quality of talent training has been highly recognized by the society.

Prof.Xiangdong LI the fifth on the leftand his team members

In recent years, SDAU has been attaching great importance to the research and practical exploration of undergraduate education theory, concentrating on deepening reform and innovation, and promoting the comprehensive improvement of talent training and teaching quality. In the list of "2022 Chinese University Undergraduate Graduate Quality Rankings" released by a well-known domestic third-party evaluation agency, SDAU ranks 87th among universities in China and No.1 among universities of Shandong Province.