Annual online meeting held between SDAU and TSU
Date:2022-04-13 Page Views: 10

On April 8th, SDAU held an online meeting with Truman State University (TSU) to review the progress of the undergraduate education program of animal science jointly held by the two sides, and conduct in-depth discussions on promoting the high-quality development of the project and expanding inter-university cooperation.

Prof. Xiangdong LI, the vice president of SDAU, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, in which he fully affirmed the achievements of the cooperation between the two universities, and asked both sides to take the program as a link, reach more consensus, form joint forces, innovate forms, constantly expand the field of cooperation on the basis of the existing achievements, and jointly write a new chapter of inter-university cooperation.

Kevin Minch from TSU delivered a speech, saying that TSU attaches great importance to the cooperation with SDAU, admires the rigor and professionalism of SDAU in project teaching and management, and is full of confidence and expectation for the future of the project and the win-win cooperation between the two universities.

The program started enrollment since 2019, and there are 245 students at present. The attendee also discussed on how to optimize the talent-training program and improve the selection and evaluation mechanism of TSU teachers.