3 provincial key laboratories of SDAU are rated excellent
Date:2022-04-01 Page Views: 28

Recently, the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province announced the performance evaluation results of key laboratories of Shandong Province in 2021. Relying on Shandong Key Laboratory of vegetable pest biology, Shandong Key Laboratory of agricultural microbiology and Shandong Key Laboratory of animal bioengineering and disease prevention and control built by Shandong Agricultural University, they all received excellent grades, with an excellent rate of 100%.

It is understood that 68 provincial key laboratories participated in the performance evaluation, involving agriculture, ocean, energy, environment, earth science and other fields. The evaluation is oriented by output, contribution and influence, pays attention to "per mu benefit" and input-output ratio, and implements an evaluation mechanism to improve the source innovation ability and promote the overall development of economy and society. There are 18 key laboratories with excellent evaluation results.

Shandong Key Laboratory of vegetable pest biology was approved to be established in 2015 and passed the acceptance in 2018. The laboratory has set up three research directions: vegetable pest biology and disaster mechanism, vegetable pest detection and early warning technology and innovation of comprehensive prevention and control technology of vegetable pests and diseases, and has achieved a number of landmark achievements. It has successively published 205 papers included in SCI, obtained 25 authorized invention patents (including 1 international patent), and issued 3 national and industrial standards, 18 textbooks and monographs have been published, which has made a positive contribution to the prevention and comprehensive management of vegetable diseases and insect pests in Shandong Province.

Shandong Key Laboratory of agricultural microbiology was approved in 2009, which mainly relies on the construction of first-class disciplines of plant protection in Shandong Province, doctoral programs of first-class disciplines of plant protection and post doctoral mobile stations. Taking agricultural microorganisms, plant pathogenic microorganisms and environmental microorganisms as the research objects, three research directions were established, including plant pathogenic microorganisms and their control, agricultural microbial diversity and resource utilization, functional gene analysis and industrialization of environmental microorganisms. In recent years, a series of important breakthroughs have been made in the fields of disease resistance related gene mining and pathogenic mechanism of corn sheath blight, virus independent hat translation regulation model, development and application of microbial agents, development and application of thermophilic fungal heat stable enzyme engineering bacteria, development and application of plant virus disease multiple attenuated vaccine and so on.

Shandong Key Laboratory of animal bioengineering and disease prevention and control was established based on the advantages of the school of animal science and technology / School of animal medicine of Shandong Agricultural University. After years of accumulation, the laboratory has gradually formed four stable research directions: reproductive development and germplasm creation of livestock and poultry, nutrition and functional biology of livestock and poultry, pathogenesis and prevention of livestock and poultry diseases, and immunobiology of livestock and poultry, including pathogenic mechanism and comprehensive prevention and control of poultry tumor diseases and immunosuppressive diseases The research results on the pathogenic mechanism of microorganisms in animal environment, the exploration of Animal Germplasm Resources and the innovation and integration of key technologies of healthy breeding have maintained a leading position in the country and even in the world.