Another 2 first prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress in Shandong Province​
Date:2022-03-01 Page Views: 11

Recently, the People's Government of Shandong Province issued The decision on the Science and Technology Awards of Shandong Province in 2021. The project hosted by SDAU won 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress in Shandong Province. The projects participated by SDAU won 1 first prize, 5 second prizes, and 1 third prize.

First Prize: Creation and Large-Scale Application of Avian Leukemia Purification Technology System

Leading researcher: Prof. Zhizhong Cui (College of Animal Science and Technology)

This achievement aimed to solve the problems of imperfect scientificity and operability of avian leukemia purification technology system. It found new ways of avian leukemia semen transmission, established technical specifications for detection of infectious sources such as cock semen and contaminated vaccine, and established a scientific and operable avian leukemia purification technology system in original chicken farms. It formed an operable technical scheme for the purification of avian leukemia in original chicken farms in line with China's national conditions, which has been popularized and applied in more than 20 large original chicken farms in China, radiating 95% of domestic egg breeders and 80% of yellow feather meat breeders. After purification, the annual economic loss of more than 15 billion yuan has been recovered, and the economic, social and ecological benefits are extremely significant.

First Prize: Creation and Application of Key Technologies of High Yield, Stress Resistance and High Efficiency of Summer Maize

Leading researcher: Prof. Jiwang Zhang (College of Agronomy)

To solve the problems of insufficient light and temperature resources, poor population quality, low resource utilization rate and frequent abiotic stress in summer maize production in the Huang Huai Hai region, this achievement studied the construction ways of high-yield summer maize population, the physiological mechanism of efficient utilization of light and temperature resources and nitrogen fertilizer, and the disaster prevention and mitigation technology to deal with abiotic stress, The key cultivation technology system of high yield, stress resistance and high efficiency of summer maize was established. In the past 3 years, it has been popularized and applied in corn fields of 53.15 million mu, with an average yield increase of 39.58 kg / mu, cost savings of 43.55 yuan / mu, efficiency increase of 114.80 yuan / mu, and cumulative economic benefits of 4.271 billion yuan, providing important scientific and technological support for high yield, stress resistance and efficient production of Summer Maize in Shandong Province and its surrounding areas.

Second Prize: Development and Application of key Technologies of Green Production of Facility Vegetables based on Ecological Optimization of Root Zone

Leading researcher: Prof. Qinghua Shi (College of Horticulture Science and Engineering)

In order to solve the bottleneck problems of soil micro ecological deterioration, abiotic stress and serious diseases, low product quality and safety, which restrict the sustainable development of facility vegetables, Prof Shi innovated a technology which uses the biological fumigation of pepper seeds (cake) and garlic straw to improve the rhizosphere environment of facility vegetables and prevent and control root knot nematodes, developed a series of functional bio organic fertilizers, selected 6 excellent root stocks, developed the techniques of grafting, light quality induction, and root strengthening, induced resistance and growth promotion by SAM and melatonin comprehensive regulation, invented the method of reducing agricultural residues by sodium nitroprusside, melatonin and aminobutyric acid, and integrated the green production technology system of facility vegetables as "improving soil quality, strengthening roots, inducing resistance and optimizing quality”.

Second Prize: Study on the Integration of Breeding and Supporting Technologies of a New Variety of Apple Parthenogenesis Rootstock "Green Rootstock"

Leading researcher: Prof. Yujin Hao (College of Horticulture Science and Engineering)

Breeding Dwarf Rootstocks with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance to ensure and promote the sustainable development of China's apple industry. This achievement successfully selected the green rootstock series with parthenogenesis dwarfing characteristics, and their dwarfing, early fruit and disease resistance are excellent. It clarified that the delayed development of embryo sac is the developmental biological basis of parthenogenesis in apple, and analyzed the mechanism of DELLA protein RNA mutation affecting its long-distance transportation from rootstock to scion and leading to scion dwarfing. On this basis, it put forward a series of cultivation and management techniques to realize the matching of improved varieties and methods. In the past 3 years, the promotion area has reached 136,200 mu, with new economic benefits of more than 400 million yuan, and significant social and ecological benefits.