Outstanding performance in the 2021 Cross Language Reading Conference of Confucian Classics
Date:2022-02-09 Page Views: 10

Recently, the 2021 Cross Language Reading Conference of Confucian Classics announced the list of winners. SDAU selected 44 bilingual recitation works to participate in the competition. Among them, Yilin Wang, Bowen Zheng and other students from the College of International Exchange won the honorary title of top ten bilingual reciters with the Chinese German bilingual work Confucius in China, benevolence in the world, Mingtong Li from the College of Public Management, Yuntong Lu from the College of Foreign Languages, Lu Qin and other students from the College of International Exchange were awarded the honorary titles of excellent bilingual preacher. SDAU was also awarded the excellent organizer, and Jinghui Ma from the College of International Exchange was awarded the excellent instructor.

The annual grand ceremony of the conference was held in Jinan. Chinese and foreign students and Sinology lovers participating in the grand ceremony focused on Confucian classics, and demonstrated the unique charm of excellent Chinese traditional culture through classic reading, stage short plays, song and dance performances, Chinese Kung Fu and other forms. Baiyang Sun, from the College of International Exchange, majoring in international economics and trade, participated in the classic bilingual reading performance on behalf of SDAU. Nearly 20 media platforms broadcast the event live, and more than 4.2 million people watched it online.

The conference was co-sponsored by China Confucius Foundation, Nishan World Confucianism Center and Shandong Provincial Department of Education. It received approval and strong support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and was hosted by China Confucius Media and Shandong Translation Association. The Chinese Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, China Translation Association and Shandong Provincial People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries also contributed to the conference. It received more than 3,200 works from nearly 10,000 Chinese culture lovers from nearly 50 countries and regions in more than 100 days since its launch in September, setting off a worldwide upsurge in the dissemination of Chinese traditional culture.