Rural revitalization talent cultivation project approved by China Scholarship Council
Date:2020-07-10 Page Views: 176

Recently, China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) announced the annual list of rural revitalization talent cultivation project. “International Talent Training Project on Green and Efficient Production of Agricultural Plants and Animals” of our university was approved. Within 3 years, 15 teachers will be selected to pay academic visits lasting for 1 year to universities in USA.

To focus on and serve the national rural revitalization strategy better and cultivate practical rural talents in urgent and weak areas in China, CSC carries out pilot implementations of rural revitalization talent training project aiming at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, agriculture-related colleges and universities as well as some scientific research institutes. The project mainly aims to support colleges and universities with distinctive local or agricultural characteristics.

Based on the advantages and characteristics in green and efficient production of agricultural plants and animals, we investigated fully, prepared well and passed the defense online. The 3-year-project will contribute to the double first class construction. Every year, 5 excellent professional teachers in relevant fields will be assigned to UCLA or University of Kentucky for academic visits lasting for 1 year. The accommodation, meals, international travel expenses will be fully funded by CSC.

The project implementation aims to enable teachers to understand deeply and participate in the cutting-edge scientific research in green and efficient production of agricultural plants and animals, learn about advanced theories and practical experiences in cultivating applied agricultural talents from American universities, broaden their international vision and improve their comprehensive abilities. Its ultimate goal is to provide talents and intellectual support for implementing rural revitalization strategy and securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.