Cell , Nature, Science, 3 papers in 3 top international academic journals within 1 month
Date:2020-07-08 Page Views: 192

From March 13 to April 10, names of 3 distinguished professors from Shandong Agricultural University appeared in CNS, namely Cell, Nature and Science.

On March 13, a paper in which Prof. Lu Congming participated was published in the main journal of Cell. It deeply explained the mechanism of chloroplast protein transport and sorting.

On March 19, Prof. Duan Qiaohong, as the first author, published an article in the main journal of Nature, which analyzed the mechanism of sexual reproduction of angiosperms at molecular and biochemical levels. It provides an important theoretical support for solving the trickiest problem in cross breeding of wheat, corn, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops.

On April 10, Shandong Agricultural University, as the only communication unit, published a paper of great significance in the main journal of Science. Prof. Kong Lingrang's team found and cloned the key gene Fhb7 for scab resistance for the first time in the world, which is key to solving the worldwide problem of wheat scab. This is the first paper in the main journal of Science in the field of wheat research in China, and it is also the first paper in the 3 main journals of CNS in the research field of important functional genes of wheat in China. Yuan Longping, "the father of hybrid rice in the world" and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, spoke highly of the achievements of Kong Lingrang's team. According to him, Fhb7 is a rare gene for the improvement and innovation of cereal crop germplasm, which will effectively enhance the innovation level of crop germplasm resources in China, and provide an essential guarantee for improving quality and yield of crops as well as ensuring national food security.