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 The library has three buildings  in two campuses, an area of 22,300 square meters, and 3210 reading seats. There are five departments including the Ministry of Resources and  Construction, the Borrowing Department of North Campus, the Borrowing Department of Sourth Campus, the  Department of System Construction, the Department of Information and  Consulting and the Administration Office. There are 73 employees, including 25 with senior  titles and 36 with intermediate titles. The library consists of academic  committee, professional committee of document resources construction,  committee of automation construction and committee of  reading promotion.

  It has established a document resource  guarantee system with the advantages and characteristics of agricultural  science and life science , covering other related disciplines. It has a  collection of 2655,400 volumes of paper books, 1429 kinds of current  periodicals and 70 kinds of newspapers. It has built 94 Chinese and foreign  electronic resource libraries, including China national knowledge network, weipu, wanfang, super star, new Oriental English, Web of Scinece, Wiley, ScienceDirect, Proquest, Springer, Science Online, Nature, etc. It possesses  1565,400 electronic books, 874,600 electronic journals, 4358,800 academic  dissertations, and 193,700 hours of audio and video. There are 5225 volumes of  293 kinds of ancient books, which can be traced back to Records of The Three  Kingdoms in the Ming Dynasty.

The bibliographic data, book accompany CD  and the electronic resources operate online  in  7*24 hours. Library  provides the book borrowing and returning, the  intelligence analysis, the reference consultation, the original text  transmission, the check and quotation, the academic retrieval, the education  training, the reading promotion, the electronic reading and etc. It has its own newspaper: “Shu Xiang  Shan Nong” (书香山农).

Library has built seat reservation system, intelligent access control, broadcasting, electronic large screen, video  monitoring, self-service  printing and other  security systems. It is open for 98 hours every week. Adhering to the management objective of “put readers and service in the first place”, and aiming at a high level of  university and the construction of “Double-First Class” target, the library has been providing comprehensive services for teaching and scientific research, talent cultivation, discipline construction and cultural heritage. It is being bulit into a first-class  information resource center, a self-learning center, a research  and communication center, a knowledge  management center as well as a cultural heritage and collaborative innovation center.

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