Public Security Office
Date:2020-06-11 Page Views: 19

The Security Department of Shandong Agricultural University was established in June 1990. It now has Comprehensive Section, Political Security Section, Public Security Section, Fire Fighting Section, Publicity and Education Section, and South Campus Security Department.

It is a functional department responsible for campus safety management under the direct leadership of the university’s party committee and administration, under the guidance of the local public security and safety organs, and in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations, and school rules and regulations. It adheres to the concept of people-oriented, serving teachers and students and the goal of maintaining campus stability and building a safe campus.

It attaches great importance to constantly improving the team’s political and ideological and theoretical level and defending professional skills, pioneering and innovative, solid work, and giving full play to civil defense and technology. The combined effect of defense and physical defense creates a good public security environment for school reform and development. Responsible for the guidance, inspection, coordination, and service of safety management in the school, implement safety management regulations, improve the safety management system in the school, and carry out safety education, information research, public security management, fire management, household registration management and related services for all teachers and students of the school. Assist and cooperate with relevant departments in their work.