Financing Office
Date:2020-06-11 Page Views: 20

The Financing Office is the school’s only first-level financial institution. It is a functional department that manages the school’s financial and accounting work.

The main tasks of the Finance Department are: make full use of school resources to raise business funds in accordance with the law and multi-channel; prepare school budgets reasonably, and control and manage the budget implementation process; use school resources scientifically, strive to save expenditures, and improve the efficiency of fund use; strengthen school assets Manage, prevent the loss of state-owned assets, improve the efficiency of asset use and operation; establish and improve school financial rules and regulations, standardize the school’s economic order; truthfully reflect the school’s financial status, provide timely financial information, and provide a basis for the school’s scientific decision-making; Supervise legality and rationality. The Finance Department is striving to explore and gradually establish a modern financial management mode suitable for the characteristics of our school, gradually expand the service function, and actively provide guarantees for the reform and development of the school’s various undertakings, and contribute to the construction of the school.