HR Office
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Responsibilities of HR Office

1. Responsible for the introduction and service of various talents.

2. Responsible for the construction of the teaching staff and the management of professional and technical personnel, cadres below section level (excluding section level), and workers.

3. Responsible for the management of institutional setup and establishment.

4. Responsible for the appointment of teachers and other professional and technical positions of various personnel.

5. Responsible for the selection and recommendation of high-level talents such as academicians, experts with outstanding contributions, and special government posts.

6. Responsible for formulating and organizing the implementation of teacher training and various personnel training plans.

7. Responsible for the recruitment, deployment, training, assessment, appointment, rewards and punishments, labor, wages, benefits, retirement, retirement, dismissal, unemployment insurance, endowment insurance, medical insurance, personnel statistics, etc. of the faculty and staff of the school.

8. Responsible for faculty and staff funeral expenses, pensions, survivors subsidies and streamlining of staff subsidies and other related matters.

9. Responsible for the political review of personnel sent abroad and the procedures for going abroad for private purposes.

10. Responsible for the management of post-doctoral research mobile stations.

11. Responsible for the macro management and coordination service of the work of the human resource center and the out-of-staff labor.

12. Responsible for the certification of teachers.

13. Complete other tasks assigned by the school.