Undergraduate Affairs Office
Date:2020-06-11 Page Views: 22

Undergraduate Affairs Office has set up multiple departments, the overall functions are as follows

1. Responsible for coordinating and guiding the student work of the school, the party building of college students, and the teaching of situation and policy courses.

2. Responsible for the construction, management, training and assessment of the school's counselor team.

3. Responsible for the school-wide enrollment publicity, plan compilation, enrollment and admission.

4. Responsible for the employment (entrepreneurship) education, guidance, management, and service of the whole school.

5. Responsible for the teaching of career planning courses and career guidance courses for college students.

6. Responsible for the ideological and political education, daily management and study style construction of college students.

7. Responsible for the national defense education and military training of college students.

8. Responsible for grants, subsidies, subsidies, loans and other funding work for the whole school.

9. Responsible for overall planning, guidance, and coordination of student work on the two campuses.

10. Responsible for mental health education and consultation of college students.

11. Do a good job in the management of various student work files.

12. Complete other tasks assigned by the school.