Science and Technology Office
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The Department of Science and Technology has 5 departments (departments) including Scientific Research Management Section, Social Science Management Section, Intellectual Property Section, Science and Technology Platform Management Section and Journal of Shandong Agricultural University (Natural Science Edition) editorial department, responsible for scientific research and scientific and technological awards of the school, Intellectual property, scientific and technological innovation platform construction, academic exchanges and management of the natural science edition of the journal. The main responsibilities are:

1. According to the national and provincial science and technology policies, combined with the reality of the school, formulate mid- and long-term plans and annual plans for the school's scientific and technological development to promote technological innovation.

2. Organize teachers to actively undertake national and local scientific and technological tasks; apply for projects, strive for scientific and technological funds through multiple channels; do a good job in comprehensive project management.

3. Organizing and supervising the implementation of scientific research plans, coordinating project collaboration among various units, and checking the implementation of plans.

4. Organize project acceptance, patent application, reward declaration, etc.

5. Responsible for intellectual property management.

6. Work with the financial department to manage and use scientific research funds.

7. Responsible for the management of the affiliated society and actively carry out academic exchange activities within the school.

8. Organize the editing and publication of the Journal (Natural Science Edition).

9. Responsible for the office and daily management of the school academic committee.

10. Cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in the management of technical confidentiality and technical archives.

11. Formulate and improve the management methods and regulations of various tasks within the scope of the Department of Science and Technology; organize the compilation and reporting of science and technology statistics and science and technology annual reports.