College of Resources and Environment
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College of Resources and Environment developed from the former Department of Agricultural Chemistry established in 1948, and is one of the oldest colleges in Shandong Agricultural University. It was re-organized in October, 1994. With the development of more than 70 years, the college has developed into a second-level college with first-level discipline doctoral programs and postdoctoral stations, national engineering laboratories, national engineering and technology research centers, and national characteristic undergraduate majors.

The college owns 1 mobile post-doctoral station in the discipline of utilization science of agricultural resources, 1 first-level discipline doctoral degree program in the discipline of agricultural resources and environment sciences, 3 second-level discipline doctoral degree programsin  disciplines of soil science,plant nutrition and fertilizer science, as well as land resource science. There are 4 first-level discipline master's degree programs in disciplines of agricultural resources and environment, environmental science and engineering, public administration (land resource management), and surveying and mapping, as well as 4 professional master's degree programs in disciplines of resource utilization and plant protection, agricultural engineering and information technology, resources and environment (environment engineering) and public administration. The discipline of utilization science of agricultural resources was ranked at the top among similar colleges and universities nationwide.

 It currently consists of 7 undergraduate majors, namely agricultural resources and environment, land resource management, geographic information science, environmental science, environmental engineering, pratacultural science, and ecological engineering of environment. There is also 1 sino-foreign cooperatively-running undergraduate major, namely Sino-British land resource management. Agricultural resources and environment is a national characteristic major. Land resource management, environmental science and geographic information science are school-level characteristic majors.

The college now has 96 faculty members, including 10 administrative staff, 11 teaching support staff and 75 teachers among whom there are 19 professors, 34 associate professors and 22 lecturers. 69 teachers have PhD degrees. There is 1 expert of national Millions of Talents Project, 3 “Taishan Experts” scholars, 1 Taishan industrial leading researcher; 1 young and middle-aged leading scientist, 1 expert enrolled in theTen Thousand Talents Program, 2 provincial young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 3 post experts of the innovation team of modern agricultural technology system in Shandong Province, 1 outstanding teacher of Shandong Province and 3 international distinguished chair professors.

In recent years, the college has undertaken more than 200 national and provincial projects, including 70 national ones and 76 provincial ones. The total research budget is up to 60 million yuan. More than 700 papers have been published, among which more than 200 are indexed by SCI and more than 70 by EI. It also owns more than 60 national patents and have published 39 monographs. The college have also been granted 1 second prize of national science and technology progress, 1 first prize and 3 third prizes of science and technology progress in Shandong Province, 1 excellence award of China patent, 1 first prize, 1 excellence award and 1 excellent invention award of invention andentrepreneurship in Shandong Province as well as 1gold medal of patent in Shandong Province.

At present, the college has 1 national engineering laboratory for efficient utilization of soil and fertilizer resources, 1 national engineering and technology research center of slow and controlled release fertilizer, 1 provincial key laboratory of agricultural environment in colleges and universities of Shandong Province, 1 key discipline of land resource management in Shandong Province, and 2 provincial engineering and technology research centers of agricultural environment pollution controll and controlled release fertilizer.

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