Teaching Affairs Office
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The Academic Affairs Office is the functional department of the school’s undergraduate teaching management. It has the Academic Affairs Section, Student Status and Quality Management Section, Teaching and Textbook Management Section, Laboratory Management Section, Examination Management Section, South Campus Teaching Management Department, East Campus Teaching Management Department, etc. 7 Departments. It mainly undertakes the following responsibilities:

1.Draw up the undergraduate teaching development plan, propose the undergraduate teaching reform goals and plans, determine the undergraduate teaching work plan, formulate the undergraduate teaching rules and regulations, organize and implement the overall and oriented undergraduate teaching reform and construction.

2.In charge of the setting and adjustment of undergraduate disciplines, and formulating undergraduate talent training programs.

3.In charge of the operation and management of undergraduate teaching in the three campuses.

4.In charge of the management of undergraduate teaching examinations, as well as the organization of college English and computer rank examinations.

5.In charge of management work such as undergraduate teaching evaluation.

6.In charge of the management of undergraduate student status and grades.

7.In charge of the construction and management of the undergraduate teaching laboratory and the teaching practice base inside and outside the school, the operation and quality management of the undergraduate practical teaching.

8.In charge of the application and management of teaching research projects, the identification and promotion of teaching research and reform results.

9.In charge of the construction of undergraduate teaching materials.