College of Arts
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The College of Arts at Shandong Agricultural University is an integration of 12 art majors from the College of Physical Education and Arts,the College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, and the Forestry College. The college also serves as the Centre for Aesthetic Education, Teaching and Research. 

 As to the 50 faculty members, 41 of them are full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 18 associate professors, and 15 lecturers. They all have an education background at key universities or art research institutes at home or abroad. Those who hold a master’s degree account for 83 percent of the faculty. Among the teachers, two with the membership of Chinese Musicians’ Association, thirteen with the membership of Chinese Music Union of Universities, another two with the membership of Chinese Dancers Association. Apart from that, there is one member of China Artists Association and six members of Architectural Society of China in teachers. There are four areas of specialization, which are musicology, recording arts, environmental design (which can be further divided into interior design, architectural design and landscape design) and visual communication design. There are two departments, which are the Department of Music and the Department of Art and Design, two divisions including the Division of Research and Management and the Division of Exhibition and Performance and two centers consisting of Drafting and Drawing Practice Teaching Center and Music Experiment Teaching Center. The college boasts of advanced practice facilities, including fifty-four musical instrument rooms, sixty pianos, one hundred and seventy-seven seats rehearsal studios, one EP room, one MIDI room and one sound-recording studio. In addition, a 150-square-meter exhibition hall for majors in design, two model-making room and twenty-eight painting studios are important part of the college.

There are more than 760 full-time students in campus. Its graduates work throughout the nation in various fields, such as government, corporations, culture, education and scientific research. The graduates have made and are still making a great social influence.

In recent years, different levels of projects have been carried out. One artistic project is under the auspices of National Social Science Fund, one is of Humanities and Social Planning Fund of the Ministry of Education, five are of Study on the Planning of Social Science in Shandong Province, two are of Research and Development Plan in Colleges and University in Shandong Province, more than twenty are of Key Arts and Science Subjects in Shandong Province. There are more than sixty school-level or above research projects. The achievements of the college include more than thirty monographs, forty papers in CSSCI and forty creations in music and painting.

There are over a hundred works of Art and Design displayed in the provincial and ministerial exhibition, among which one teacher had her production selected in the Thirteenth National Fine Arts Exhibition. Thirty odd awards are given to teachers in provincial and ministerial gallery, Literature and Art Award of Taishan, The Professional Skills Contest of Music and Dance and Artistic Designing, and Social Science Achievement Award.

Students are organized and given instructions to participate in various innovation tournaments, design competitions and creative art awards with outstanding achievements. One of our students’ teams has won the second prize in The Sixth Science and Technology Innovation Competition of Shandong Province. Works of the students have won eleven Gold Awards, fifteen Silver Awards and more than twenty Bronze Awards in The Fourth International Public Art Festival and Creative Future Art Designing Competition. Students have also won two first prizes, four second prizes, and six excellent prizes in Professional Skills Contest of Shandong Province, three prizes ranging from the first to the third in The Eleventh National College Students Advertisement Art Contest, four prizes ranging from the first to the third in The Singing China National College Music Exhibition and Performance.

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