Work Flow of Admission and Enrollment of Foreign Students
Date: 2020-06-16 Page Views: 31

1.Formulate enrollment plans and admission criteria.

2.Issue enrollment brochures and conduct enrollment publicity.

3.Students fill in the Application Form for Study at Shandong Agricultural University and submit it to the college for preliminary examination.

4.The college fills in the Opinion Form for Examination and Approval of Enrollment of Foreign Students in Shandong Agricultural University for examination and approval by the Student Affairs Office or the Postgraduate Office, the International Cooperation & Exchange Office and Shandong Agricultural University.

5.Foreign students submit relevant materials. The International Cooperation & Exchange Office is responsible for filling the JW202 form for them and reporting it to the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office for examination and approval.

6.Print admission notices and mail them to the students together with the JW202 form.